FBK’s research mission includes its commitment to foster innovation for the development of businesses, aiming at enhancing their competitiveness and at providing a concrete contribution to social, economic and cultural growth, in particular that of its local territory.

To this end, the Foundation has endowed itself with the skills and tools to encourage and support partnerships with businesses and organizations, to identify points of common interest and to find opportunities for funding of research and innovation projects offered by local, national and international agencies.

To contribute to growth, FBK enhances the results of its research through technology transfer processes of innovation and technology based products to the market and through support for entrepreneurship and for the creation of technology based spin-offs and start-ups.

FBK’s innovation and development actions are entrusted to the AIRT - Innovation and Local Relations Area and documented by ResearchFunding, a dedicated technological infrastructure that collects and processes data functional to research, administration and governance.


FBK fosters relations with businesses by helping mutual knowledge, starting from the organization of meetings with Researchers and laboratory visits, company audits and sharing of technology platforms, to build research projects, collaborations and consulting for innovation of common interest. In writing its agreements, FBK complies with the levels of responsibility defined by the Statutes and intellectual property regimes. FBK maps and documents the  funding opportunities offered by competitive and non-competitive calls at the local, national and international level.

Technology Transfer

FBK facilitates the process that adds value to the results of research in socio-economic terms bringing new products/processes to the market. In the stages of Technology Transfer,  specific skills intervene both for the protection of intellectual property regimes and for the licensing and registration of patents. The creation of new entrepreneurial spin-offs and start ups is a tangible contribution to the world of research contributes to development.